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26 November 2023


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ProEnglish Theatre Hub
вул. Смоленська, 3

About the show

Performance “BLOOMING” in Kyiv!

The exciting and internationally acclaimed performance by ProEnglish Theater is coming back to Kyiv! On November 26, 2023, you can attend a performance by ProEnglish Theatre. This is a kind and inspiring event that makes you breathe deeply and smile warmly.

A performance by ProEnglish Theater in Kyiv!

During the performance, we explore the path of life before and after violence, rediscovering roots and redefining dignity.

Violence against women is a topic that is silenced or reflected in trauma, anger, and protests. Women become hostages of this violence, objects, the territory of perpetual war. When we talk about violence, we manifest it, we shout, we want to be noticed and heard. And, of course, what we are really looking for is how to heal. The play features excerpts from Tamara Horikha-Zernya's novel Daughter and personal testimonies. You can buy tickets for the performance on our website. More theater events in Kyiv are waiting for you on our website.

Language: English, Ukrainian, Spanish

When: 26.11.2023 18:00

Where: ProEnglish Theater Hub

Poster: Daria Shablienko

Music: Alina Pash, Danit

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