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20 June 2024 Thu. 18:30

Kyiv Modern Ballet. Жізель. Раду Поклітару

Price: 390-990 UAH

October Palace
Kyiv, Нeroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotnі Alley, 1
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390-990 UAH
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Kyiv Modern Ballet. Жізель. Раду Поклітару
The duration of the event — 90 minutes.
18:30 20 June
October Palace
Kyiv, Нeroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotnі Alley, 1

About the show

“Жізель” ballet by Kyiv Modern Ballet!

Meet the modern interpretation of the classic story “Жізель” at the October Palace in Kyiv on June 20, 2024! This ballet, set to music by Adolphe Adan, tells the story of Giselle, who dreams of love in the big city but is faced with the reality of class differences. Despite the trials of life, she fights for her right to love and be loved. But can she remain a symbol of the human spirit? Can she remain human despite everything?

If you have never seen a live performance of the cult contemporary choreographer Radu Poklitaru, buy tickets for “Жізель” ballet on our website or at the city ticket office and enjoy a unique performance. 

Modern Ballet by Radu Poklitaru in Kyiv!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of contemporary ballet with the performance of “Жізель” by the talented choreographer Radu Poklitaru. The author's interpretation of the plot, exciting music and spectacular choreography, this is an event worth visiting. The ballet is in two acts. 

Production team:

  • Libretto, choreography, production - Radu Poklitaru

  • Scenography - Honored Artist of Ukraine Andriy Zlobin

  • Costume designer - Anna Ipatieva

  • Costume print designer - Mykola Honcharov

*The project was made possible thanks to the help of philanthropist Lyudmila Rusalina.

More theatre events in Kyiv are available on our website.

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