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Iмперiя янголiв
18 May 2024

Iмперiя янголiв

Price: 250-550 UAH

Dom Kino
Kiev, Saksahanskoho St, 6
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250-550 UAH
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The duration of the event — 120 minutes.
18 May, Saturday
250-550 UAH
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About the show

“The Empire of Angels” will come to life at the Cinema House!

On February 14, an unsurpassed event awaits you at the Cinema House - the performance "Empire of Angels"! Why is it worth visiting this fascinating performance?

- You will plunge into the deep world of philosophy with subtle notes of irony

- Immerse yourself in a fascinating story that will keep you in suspense until the last scene

- You will feel how skillfully the actors convey the meaning of the story and enjoy the bright musical accompaniment. 

Don't miss this exciting event on Valentine's Day! Give yourself a unique mood and exciting emotions by enjoying the wonderful performance of "Empire of Angels"! Tickets are available on our website or at the official ticket offices. 

A performance based on the novel by Bernard Werber in Kyiv

The play "Empire of Angels" is based on the plot of the bestselling book by Bernard Werber. The novel, dedicated to modern man, is called "Ode to Life" and is among the ten most popular in the world. And for good reason, because this story is impressive.

The protagonist of the story, having entered heaven, becomes a guardian angel for three souls. His wards are a homeless criminal, a sensual French writer, and an American girl who will soon be awarded the title of Miss Universe. Many mistakes and life's temptations lie in wait for each of them. But it will not be easy for an angel who challenges tradition and devotes himself to serving people.

We are waiting for you! 

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