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06 January 2024

Казка про Мороза-Морозенка

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Puppet Theatre
Kiev, Grushevskogo St, 1А

About the show

A fairy tale about Moroz-Morozenko at the Puppet Theater

This amazing story takes place on Christmas Eve. 10 fairy tale performances will be held by Puppet Theater in December 2023. A magical tale awaits you and your children in the heart of Ukraine. Attend a performance that will create the atmosphere of a real fairy tale and will be interesting for you and your children. We invite you to the “Moroz-Morozenko” in the first month of winter.

Visit a fabulous event in Kyiv.

A good girl, Marichka, was forced by her capricious stepmother and her lazy daughter to go to the cold forest, with strict orders not to return without berries. What kind of berries are there in the snowy forest in winter? What poor Marichka has to do? She set off for the forest... Marichka was walking and suddenly not just anyone appeared in front of her, but the ruler of the winter forest - Moroz Morozenko...

To find out what happened next and to see the New Year's greetings from St. Nicholas, come to our theater! Buy tickets on our website or at the city box office. Find more events for kids in Kyiv on our website.

Performance schedule:

December 3, Sunday:



December 6, Wednesday:



December 7, Thursday:

December 8, Friday:



December 19, Thursday:


December 20, Wednesday:


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