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28 September - 27 October 2024

Kyiv Modern Ballet. Болеро. Дощ. Раду Поклітару

Price: 250-700 UAH

KMAOBT for Children and Youth
Kiev, Mezhigіrska St, 2
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250-700 UAH
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The duration of the event — 120 minutes.
28 Sep, Saturday
250-700 UAH
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27 Oct, Sunday
250-700 UAH
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About the show

Two ballets by Kyiv Modern Ballet!

Come to the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater for Children and Youth, to experience the uniqueness of contemporary dance art. Kyiv Modern Ballet will present you two one-act ballets "Дощ" and "Болеро". 

"Болеро" is a modern choreographic production set to the music of French composer Maurice Ravel, which he specially created for a one-act ballet. The ballet "Дощ" will feature ethnic music from around the world combined with compositions by J.S. Bach.

Ballets in one act in Kyiv!

"Дощ" will tell you the stories of different people who, despite different cultures and mentalities, are united by universal values. The music used in this production becomes the voices of people, combining different languages into one melody.

"Болеро" is a new approach to the famous music, people shackled by dark straitjackets find freedom when they see the rapid movement of a free loner. Every moment will be full of action, energetic movements, complex supports and emotions.

  • Libretto, choreography, production - Radu Poklitaru

  • Costume designer - Anna Ipatieva

  • Lighting designer - Olena Antokhina

You can visit the modern ballets “Дощ” and “Болеро” by Radu Poklitaru by purchasing tickets on our website or at the city box office. Discover the classics from a new perspective, see you there! 

You can find a list of current theater events in Kyiv on our website.  

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