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Лис Микита
15 March 2024

Лис Микита

Price: 250 UAH

Театр Юного Глядача (ТЮГ)
ул. Липская, дом 15/17
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250 UAH
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The duration of the event — 80 minutes.
15 Mar, Friday
250 UAH
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About the show

The horror tale "Лис Микита" in Kyiv!

Are you going to eat or be eaten by those smarter than you? Is there a third option?

These are the burning questions raised by the horror story "Лис Микита", which you can visit on February 16, 2024 at the Young Audience Theater in Kyiv. Come to an artistic event where you are guaranteed to have fun and discover a lot of new things about yourself and others.

This performance makes you think: who are you really? 

A performance based on Franko's works at the Young Audience Theater!

Seemingly harmless animals live a peaceful social and political life, hold positions, have family relationships, have their own state system, sue, quarrel, rejoice and cry.

In their everyday life, they are very similar to humans. Their life is an eternal struggle for survival, and in this struggle, everyone does what they can.

Every animal in this story wants one thing - to survive. To do so, they are ready to bite, deceive, kill, and intimidate.

By hiding human aspirations behind animal masks, Ivan Franko sought to expose their bloodthirsty essence, thereby urging us to look into ourselves. To find our own beast and perhaps make peace with it?

Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission

Age restrictions: 14+.

Directed by Kateryna Chepura


Artist - Vira Krutylina

Composer - Olesya Onykiienko

Choreographer - Yevhenia Skrypnyk

Stage combat director - Volodymyr Abazopulo

Assistant director - Kristina Avakyan

Art director - Lesya Kovpak

You can buy tickets for the show online on our website or at the box office. Visit even more events with Kyiv playbill on our website.

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