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Cashier Kiev
03 September


Price: 150-350 грн

Theatre on Podol
Kyiv, Andrew's descent, house 20-B
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150-350 грн
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Tickets for "LEVUSHKA"

The duration of the event — 100 minutes.
03 Sep, Thursday
150-350 грн
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About the show

“People leave all the most important things for later, and among these most important things are those words that you will not say in time… ”

These are the nostalgic memories of a Jewish boy about a happy childhood with his dear grandmothers Rosa and Dasha. Grandmother Dasha took him to church, and the other – to the synagogue. From this little Levushka amassed a fortune. 

Performance language - russian

1 hour 40 minutes, without an intermission

Genre - The story of Jewish happiness

First night - June 24, 2010

Author - Anatolii Krym

Director - Igor Slavinsky

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko

Music - Ekaterina Tyzhnova

Stage Managers - Tatiana Antonova, Sofia Lyudvichenko