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25 April 2024


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October Palace
Kyiv, Нeroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotnі Alley, 1

About the show

"НАШЕБАЧЕННЯ” - big music show in Kyiv!

Visit a concert with a unique lineup of artists, drive and an interesting idea. On April 25, Kyiv will host a show called “НАШЕБАЧЕННЯ” (eng OurVision), created by the Badstreet boys. Having failed to make it to the national selection for Eurovision 2024, they decided to create their own competition, which will feature many Ukrainian artists, judges and, of course, you, the audience! And the main winner of this contest will be the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Performance of Badstreet boys and other Ukrainian artists at the October Palace!

The Badstreet boys, as the band themselves say, are made for donations, and this event will be no exception. You will vote for the winner with donations that will be transferred to the needs of the defenders. It will be incredible, bright and unforgettable, unlike anything else you will see on one stage: Monatik, Хамерман Знищує Віруси, Курган & Аргегат, Wellboy, Nazva, ANDRII BARMALII and many more talented performers. 

And that's not all! The winner of this selection will have the right to represent Ukraine at a solo concert in Zhovti Vody.

The concert and the live broadcast will be seen by millions of people, be among those who will be part of this show. Buy tickets on our website or at the official box office of the city today to take your place. 

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