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Cashier Kiev
25 - 27 June


Price: 250-400 грн

Theatre on Podol
Kyiv, Andrew's descent, house 20-B
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250-400 грн
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Tickets for "NAVIGATOR"

25 Jun, Thursday
250 - 400 грн
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26 Jun, Friday
250 - 400 грн
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27 Jun, Saturday
250 - 400 грн
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About the show

Machines replace us. Machines take our places.

Lasha Bugadze

People, hiding from loneliness and depression, find solace in artificial intelligence that seems endowed with human traits. But is not human.

The play Navigator by Georgian author Lasha Bugadze is a symbol of infantilism.

The protagonist, being already an adult, remains a boy. He did not love, was not a rebel, did not lead the football team. And the levels of adulting must pass everyone, even if he is already over forty.

To love the navigator, to find in his feminine voice a like-minded person – a cry of despair or madness? Director Tamara Trunova explores why people stop noticing each other and why they are separated from society.

Performance language - Ukrainian

Additional Information - Translated by Tamara Trunova and Avtandil Varsimashvili

2 hours with intermission

Genre - Attempt to love

First night - 29 April 2020

Author - Lasha Bugadze

Director - Tamara Trunova

Set Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Costume Designer - Svitlana Zaikina

Music -

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Video - Alexander Bratinov

Sound Engineer - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage Managers - Lyubov Skirko

Sofia Lyudvichenko