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Information about quarantine in Kiev and Ukraine
Cashier Kiev
03 - 28 November


Price: 200-700 грн

Theatre on Podol
Kyiv, Andrew's descent, house 20-B
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200-700 грн
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Tickets for "1984"

The duration of the event — 120 minutes.
03 Nov, Tuesday
200-700 грн
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04 Nov, Wednesday
200-700 грн
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05 Nov, Thursday
200-700 грн
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28 Nov, Saturday
200-700 грн
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About the show

Exclusive in the theater on Podil, a scandalous play by Michael Gene Sullivan based on world-famous George Orwell’s dystopian novel.

The fictional story of life in an artificial world that taught to love of even the cold-hearted soldiers.

I am watched.

Day and night. At work, outdoors, even at home.

My thoughts are controlled.

My choice is unconscious.

My life belongs to another.

And this is not paranoia. 

And today is not even the fictional world of the novel «1984» by George Orwell.

Written in 1949, the novel began to revive. Today we are in its imagination.

Performance language - Ukrainian

Additional Information - Translation by Natalie Williams, Tatiana Boryak

2 hours with intermission

First night - 22 August 2019

Author - Michael Gene Sullivan based on George Orwell's novel

Director - Sergiy Pavlyuk

Set & Costume Designer - Maria Pogrebnyak

Music - Sergiy Pavlyuk

Choreographer - Alevtina Chernova

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Sound - Sergey Shevchenko

Stage managers - Sofia Lyudvichenko