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19 June - 17 July 2022


Price: 1649-2699 uah

Sky Family Park (Скай Фемили Парк)
Kiev, Henerala Vatutina Ave, 2T
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1649-2699 uah
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19 June - 17 July
1649-2699 uah
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About the show

Dear friends,

The situation in Ukraine and globally makes it virtually impossible to organize a full-scale event with foreign artists in 2021 and with a crazy party that you deserve and are waiting for.

We are sincerely grateful to each of you! It is difficult to express how important the support of our artists, fans and partners is for us. This is what gives us strength and motivation to become even better and reach new heights. 

UPark Festival is about high level of artists and a special atmosphere, and it is also about spectators for whom music is an integral part of life. 

Realizing that almost all artists have postponed concert tours to 2022, we also have to postpone the festival to next year.

But we want to immediately please with the news that in 2022 UPark will increase its musical capacity. We are preparing two festival blocks at once, which will take place in June and July. And to make the wait less painful, we are ready to announce the first confirmed lineup participants  

The first block in June will feature My Chemical Romance.

The headliners of the second block in July will be: Gorillaz and Deftones. 

We are currently working to agree on a new release date for Slipknot. Soon we will announce them as well as other musicians, including new names. Follow our feed!

All purchased tickets remain valid for 2022.

More detailed information on tickets will be published later.

Thank you for staying with us! Wait for all the announcements, it will be powerful!

Time goes by, and the emotions from meeting your favorite artists remain with us for life, which was once again confirmed by the quarantine. We were left without a right for emotions this year, but everything will pass and a ticket in your pocket is a good reason to wait for the summer of 2022