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VOYAGER: the Never-Ending Journey + Astralis
23 вересня 2019

VOYAGER: the Never-Ending Journey + Astralis

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м. Київ, вул. Велика Васильківська, 57/3

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VOYAGER: the Never-Ending Journey

The movie tells a thrilling story of the most remarkable space mission in human history.

In 1977 two space probes were launched to explore the farthest planets of the Solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune along with their moons.

These spacecraft greatly enriched our knowledge of the distant worlds. Now after four decades they explore the interstellar space.

Like two bottles launched into the cosmic ocean, both probes carry an interstellar message — the Golden Record, intended for any alien civilization.

  • Age: 9+
  • 2018, Ukraine
  • 27 minutes


The show is about the life cycle of Stars.

From the birth of star in a stellar nursery to its journey towards a black hole or supernova, «Astralis» explains these phenomena in a very easy narrative.

With the eye catchy visuals and lovely music, the show works for all age groups including school audience.

  • Age: 9+
  • 2014, India
  • 14 minutes
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