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Monatik. Schedule of concerts:

MONATIK 11 December, 19:00
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MONATIK 13 December, 19:00
650-1590 Select date
MONATIK 14 December, 19:00
1150-1450 Select date
MONATIK 07 February, 19:00
600-3950 Select date
MONATIK 27 April, 19:00
White church
550-1490 Select date
MONATIK 31 May, 19:00
790 Select date
MONATIK 02 June, 20:00
450-1480 Select date
MONATIK 10 June, 19:00
750-1390 Select date

Biography and creativity

Biography and career 

MONATIK (Dmytro Monatik)

Honoured Artist of Ukraine.

Year of the beginning of solo career: 2011

Occupation: singer, dancer, composer

Genres: pop, alternative hip-hop

Albums: 4

Country: Ukraine

The path to recognition. The beginning.

Dmytro Monatyk's creative career began with dancing, as he was fond of it since childhood. In the early 2000s, Dmytro was a member of the breakdance group DBS Crew, the best B-boy team in western Ukraine. After graduating from the law faculty of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, he began to develop his creative work more actively.

MONATIK started his career in showbiz in 2008 with a successful audition for "Star Factory 2", but he never made it to the project. Subsequently, Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevska invited him to become part of her show ballet during the concert programme.  He also participated in the filming of music videos as a dancer, and even worked as a choreographer for some of them.

In 2010, already as a singer, he took part in the Ukrainian version of the “X Factor” show, and although the judges criticised him but gave him the opportunity to continue participating in the show, and although he did not win, he reached the final. But his cooperation with the “X-Factor” did not end there, as MONATIK repeatedly performed on the show as a guest artist and sang duets with the contestants.

In 2013, the singer released his debut album “S.S.D.” (Саундтрек сегодняшнего дня), which was presented during a solo concert in Kyiv in 2014. In the same year, he released the Ukrainian-language song " Може, вже досить", in which he called for an end to Russia's war against Ukraine in eastern Ukraine. In 2015, he recorded the song " Мокрая" in a duet with the Quest Pistols Show.

The singer released his second album "Sounds" three years later and it included 16 tracks, including: " Кружит", " Путь", " Мокрая", " Сейчас", " Вечность", " УВЛИУВТ". These songs have become many people's favourites, and their YouTube views reach tens of millions.

2017 was a very busy year for the artist. In the spring, he performed at the opening of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 first semi-final with the song Spinning (the English version of the song "Кружит"). In the same year, he takes the judge's chair in the Ukrainian version of “Dancing with the Stars”. In October, he presents the “Vitamin D” show at the Palace of Sports (Kyiv) and receives the YUNA music award in the “Best Concert Show” nomination.

Gathering a whole stadium of fans and playing a big concert is the dream of almost every performer, and Dmytro managed to make this dream come true. In 2019, MONATIK's concert took place at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium (one of the largest venues of its kind in Ukraine), and few people have managed to pack this stadium, which is considered a great achievement for the artist. In the same year, the singer released his third album " LOVE IT ритм". And gives fans bright tracks: " Каждый раз", " LOVE IT ритм", " То, от чего без ума", "Vitamin D", "Зашивает душу" and deep songs: "Цей день", " Глубоко…", "ресницы безопасности", "СИЛЬНО" and others. In total, the album includes 18 songs.

During 2016-2021, MONATIK received many awards in various music categories. He was also a coach on “The Voice”. In addition to his music career, the artist also does dubbing and acts in films.

Initially an underrated performer, he has achieved incredible success, has a huge fan base and is supported by his people.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, MONATIK created the project " ART Оборона", which became a full-fledged album filled with deep feelings and pain because of the war that came to the artist's native land. With "ART Оборона", MONATIK embarked on a large-scale charity tour of Ukraine, the main task of which is to help children and families affected by Russia's war against Ukraine.

Music by MONATIK.

MONATIK's music is characterised by exciting dance rhythms, energy-filled melodies and lyrics that are often light and positive. He is always open to experimenting with sound, incorporating elements of electronics, current rhythms and modern sounds into his compositions. During his performances, MONATIK actively uses advanced technologies and visual effects, which gives his shows a dynamic and unforgettable atmosphere. Although most of his songs are positive, his work also includes deep, calm songs about love, friendship, and life experiences.

Some of MONATIK's famous songs: "Vitamin D", "Каждый раз", "СИЛЬНО", "Кружит", "Зашивает душу", "Love It ритм", and many others. Over time, MONATIK began to collaborate with other artists and contribute to the development of the Ukrainian music scene.

In general, MONATIK's work is distinguished by its originality, energy and modernity, thanks to which he has gained a large number of fans in the music world.

  • S.S.D. - 2013

  • Звучит – 2016 

  • LOVE IT ритм - 2019

  • ART Оборона - 2022

Awards and nominations:

2015 – winner in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year", M1 Music Awards

2016 – winner in the nomination "Best Singer", M1 Music Awards

2016 – DANCE PARADE nomination, song "Кружит", M1 Music Awards

2016 – nomination for Best Solo Artist, Yuna

2016 – nomination for Best Duo, song "Мокрая" (from "Quest Pistols Show"), Yuna

2017 – winner in the nomination "Best Album", "Звучит", Yuna

2017 – Winner in the nomination "Best Music Video", video "Кружит", Yuna

2017 – nomination for Best Song, song "Кружит", Yuna

2017 – winner in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year", VIVA! The most beautiful

2017 – nomination for "Best Singer", M1 Music Awards

2017 – winner in the DANCE PARAD nomination, song "Vitamin D", M1 Music Awards

2017 – winner in the nomination "Best Singer", Elle Style Awards 2017

2017 – winner in the nomination "One Day of Elle MAN with a Star", Elle Digital Awards

2017 – Musician of the Year, according to the men's magazine "XXL"

2018 – winner in the nomination "Project of the Year", song "Глубоко…", M1 Music Awards

2018 – winner in the nomination "Best Dance Video", video "Vitamin D", Zhara Music Awards

2019 – nomination for Video of the Year, video " Глубоко…", M1 Music Awards

2019 – nomination "Singer of the Year", M1 Music Awards

2019 – DANCE PARAD nomination, song "Глубоко…", M1 Music Awards

2019 –  win in the nomination "Best Performer", Yuna

2019 – winner in the nomination "Best Video", video "Глубоко…", Yuna

2020 – winner in the nomination "Video of the Year", video "Love It Ритм", Zhara Music Awards

2020 – winner in the nomination "Best YouTube Ukraine Performer", Top Hit Music Awards

2020 – winner in the nomination "Video of the Year (mixed vocals) YouTube Ukraine", video "ВечерИночка", Top Hit Music Awards

2021 – winner in the nomination "Best Performer", Yuna

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