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16 May - 04 July 2024

Kyiv Modern Ballet. Маленький принц. Раду Поклітару

Price: 390-990 UAH

October Palace
Kyiv, Нeroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotnі Alley, 1
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390-990 UAH
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The duration of the event — 60 minutes.
16 May, Thursday
390-990 UAH
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04 Jul, Thursday
390-990 UAH
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About the show

Kyiv Modern Ballet "The Little Prince" in Kyiv!

The premiere of Radu Poklitaru's ballet The Little Prince will take place at the October Palace in Kyiv. The performance was created with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the Department of Culture of the Kyiv City State Administration. The ballet is based on Mozart and Ukrainian lullabies performed by Maria Pylypchak. The libretto is based on the novel by A. Exupery.

  • Director: Radu Poklitaru

  • Costumes: Dmytro Kuryata

  • 3D projections: Olha Nikitina

  • Lighting: Olena Antokhina

Premiere of a new ballet by Radu Poklitaru!

This play is a new author's take on the story of the Little Prince and the beautiful and crucial time of childhood. After all, the most important thing in the world is the relationship between people and very simple, at first glance, things that adults forget about. Because in the midst of everyday affairs and worries about material things, we forget about the role that the spiritual sphere plays in human life. Barely perceptible and invisible to the naked eye, it determines the values that will guide a person throughout his or her life.

Where to go with a child in Kyiv? To the ballet "The Little Prince"!

  • An adult story about childhood

  • Incredible music and stage design

  • Modern ballet

To visit “The Little Prince” ballet in Kyiv, buy tickets on our website and at the city ticket office. Find more theater performances in Kyiv on our website.

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